Irish 4 A Day Attendees

Irish 4 A Day Attendees

Monday, 07 December 2015

“As a native of San Diego, I have been to many bar crawls but the Irish 4 A Day bar crawl was by far the best! The organization of the entire celebration was unsurpassed. The passport and map were incredibly easy to follow and made the entire event that much smoother. Everything was within walking distance and the program even had suggested routes for guests to follow. Luckily I never missed out on any of the offers because the passport included the times they were available at each bar. Thank you for making Irish 4 A Day my most memorable bar crawl!”

(Irish 4 A Day: Showcases organization)


“The Irish 4 A Day bar crawl introduced me to a whole new world of venues that I had not previously known about! My favorite was definitely F6ix. I am a huge fan of hip-hop music but unfortunately I have never been able to find a great hip-hop club here in San Diego. Thanks to Irish 4 A Day I now have a new go-to hot spot to indulge in my hip-hop cravings. I loved their welcome shot and the energy of the entire venue. This bar crawl was unforgettable and left me wanting more. I will most definitely be at the next bar crawl held by Gaslamp Event Management and Club VIP!”

(Irish 4 A Day: Showcases venue)

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